A Mother’s Day

Ladies, when you hear the old saying – a woman’s work is never done – do you nod your head and say, “that is so true!”  From the time you get out of bed in the morning and your feet hit the floor until you get back into bed at night, you are in top Continue reading

Mr Jingles

Cats come in different breeds and colours but you can’t beat the good old domestic cat or moggy as they are sometimes called.  The question is often asked – “are you a cat person or a dog person”?  For me I would have to say I am a dog person, preferring a cute little pooch Continue reading

I am a Little Picture Book

When I walk into any bookstore and see hundreds and hundreds of books sitting on the shelf, I wonder how long they have been sitting there. If an author is lucky enough to have their book on the best sellers list then maybe their book doesn’t stay sitting on the shelf for very long.  For Continue reading