Mr Jingles

Cats come in different breeds and colours but you can’t beat the good old domestic cat or moggy as they are sometimes called.  The question is often asked - “are you a cat person or a dog person”?  For me I would have to say I am a dog person, preferring a cute little pooch over a furry feline.

Most of the time, a domestic cat appears to be aloof and spends most of the time eating and sleeping and then sleeping some more!  Sometimes you have to wonder what is going through that tiny little brain …


Mr Jingles

My name is Mr Jingles
I’m a fifteen year old cat
I live at 20 Parker Place
In a run down council flat

For many years I was the one
Who got all the attention
Until my owner bought a dog
Now I never get a mention

A pampered pooch named Jezebel
Has come into this house
She eats my food and chases me
And chews my rubber mouse

She makes my life a misery
I never get a rest
My owner thinks she’s lovely
But I think she’s just a pest

She tries to be the boss around here
Her nose stuck in the air
She curls up every day at noon
In my owner’s favourite chair

At least I help to earn my keep
By chasing mice away
I’m always on the look out
Each and every day

I know I must be tolerant
Patient, kind and true
And learn to live in harmony
Like every cat must do

But every night when I’m asleep
My mind begins to wander
Wicked thoughts they come to me
To kick her butt way yonder

They say that in the after life
You can come back as you wish
I’d come back as a Doberman
And piddle in her dish

My name is Mr Jingles
I’m a fifteen year old cat
I live at 20 Parker Place
Crickey! I’ve just seen a rat!





  Copyright : Jennifer Bates 2016

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