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Welcome to Cotsville, a small make-believe town where family and friendship comes first and children are taught that manners and respect are part of everyday life.

The heart and soul of the town are the sports clubs, school, local shops, playground and the Cotsville Park.  Along the main street you will find shops like Henry’s Hardware Store, Bazza’s Butcher Shop,  Cotsville Supermarket,  Lacey’s Beauty Salon and many more.

A favourite place for the kids to visit is Mrs Appleby’s Toy Shop where the shelves are packed with fun toys and games and they can let their imagination run wild.

Never far away are Super Baby and Ted, our little Superheroes who are always keeping watch over the children in the town to make sure they stay safe and out of trouble.

Cotsville - where fun and adventure is what our community is all about!

"The town of Cotsville is a fun place filled with adorable characters.  The set of picture books are simply brilliant."


David Streeter

Featured Video

Super Baby and Ted to the Rescue!

Baby Thomas is in danger!  Will someone get there in time to save him?  A video about the importance of adult supervision when young children are playing near water.
Zoe and Furnella

Zoe is a 4 year old little girl with lovely curly hair and has a cat called Furnella.

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Our children are precious and we need to take good care of them so they are kept as safe as possible.


Have fun colouring in your favourite characters from Cotsville with our free downloadable colouring sheets!

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