I am a Little Picture Book

When I walk into any bookstore and see hundreds and hundreds of books sitting on the shelf, I wonder how long they have been sitting there. If an author is lucky enough to have their book on the best sellers list then maybe their book doesn’t stay sitting on the shelf for very long.  For others, maybe not so lucky.

From children’s books to autobiographies and romantic novels to spy thrillers, books can inspire and entertain us throughout our life ….


I am a Little Picture Book

I am a little picture book pretty as can be
Sitting on the bookstore shelf for one and all to see

My cover is so colourful I’m sure to drag them in
I hope someone will buy me and not throw me in the bin

The doors are finally open and excitement fills the air
Children with their mothers are running everywhere

Up and down the aisles with bright eyes they do peer
Looking left and looking right, hey kids … I’m over here!

Then suddenly from nowhere I’m spotted by a boy
I see him coming closer and I’m overcome with joy

With sticky hands he grabs me and I’m being held so tight
He’s flicking through my pages and he’s giving me a fright

I hope he likes my pictures and I hope his Mum does too
I only cost a dollar or fifty cents will do

Oh no, I can’t believe it he’s tossed me on the floor
If I had legs I’d get right up and walk right out that door

I’m feeling rather grubby I’ve got him to thank for that
He really was a little sod he really was a brat!

I hope someone will find me and I hope someone will care
I’m feeling very lonely laying way down here

I see some tiny shoes approach with bows the colour pink
Maybe I will be in luck that is what I think

A little girl with eyes of blue is staring down at me
With gentle hands she picks me up this little girl of three

Mummy, Mummy, Mummy I’d like to have this one
Ok my little sweetheart I think the deal is done

I’m feeling so excited but also feeling sad
I have to say goodbye to friends the best I’ve ever had

Side by side together for weeks or maybe more
We’d sit and wait so patiently to be taken from this store

Just like me your day will come no more to be alone
And so I bid a fond farewell, guess what …… I’ve found a home!






Copyright: Jennifer Bates 2016


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