The Love of Coffee Art

I do love a good cup of coffee and coffee or latte art is becoming a popular way coffee is served these days. From the different designs like the tulip, heart and rosetta, a talented barista can make your cup of coffee look so nice it seems a shame to stir it up!

I wrote this poem about a cafe owner and barista from Germany who I have been following on social media for quite some time.  He has become famous for his coffee art.  You can check out his website here – Dritan Alsela


The Love of Coffee Art

Far away in Germany
There is a special man
Who makes a cup of coffee
Like only this man can

His name is Dritan Alsela
And he has a cheeky grin
A smile that is contagious
With whiskers on his chin

His fans they do adore him
They come from near and far
To taste that little coffee bean
He really is a star

And in his many videos
He’ll teach you what to do
To make the perfect coffee
Not one but maybe two

He really is a natural
He’s never camera shy
And while he’s making coffee
He has a twinkle in his eye

So give a cheer and raise your cup
To a barista who is smart
And keep on drinking coffee
And enjoying coffee art






Copyright: Jennifer Bates 2016


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