Years gone by

When we are children, we have no idea what direction our life will take and we just live in the moment.  Life is an adventure and there is so much to see and something new to experience every day.When we grow up and become adults, some of us have a clear picture of what career Continue reading

Welcome to the World

Becoming a first-time mother can be both exciting and daunting.  So much to learn and so little sleep becomes part of your life for the first few months but the joy of seeing your baby grow up through all the different stages in life,  there is nothing more rewarding …. Welcome to the World Welcome Continue reading

Christmas Eve

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of Christmas Eve when you are a child. As the countdown begins with ‘how many more sleeps’ until Santa comes, it’s hard to get little children to go to bed that night. A glass of milk and cookies have been left for Santa because they know he will get Continue reading

My Face

Growing older is just a fact of life but many women, as well as men, will try and hold back the years anyway they can. A nip and tuck here and there or a few jabs of Botox to rid the face of wrinkles, cosmetic surgery is becoming more and more popular. For some people, Continue reading