Christmas Eve

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of Christmas Eve when you are a child. As the countdown begins with ‘how many more sleeps’ until Santa comes, it’s hard to get little children to go to bed that night.

A glass of milk and cookies have been left for Santa because they know he will get hungry delivering lots of presents to all the children around the world. So when they finally get to sleep they are hoping that when they wake up in the morning, the Man in Red has paid them a visit.


Christmas Eve

Little children are in bed
Dreaming of the man in red
Waiting for the sun to rise
And hoping for a big surprise

When morning comes and they awake
Little footsteps they will take
Running down the stairs so fast
Christmas Day is here at last

And underneath the Christmas tree
The little children finally see
Stockings filled with lots of toys
Some for girls and some for boys

Little dolls and Lego blocks
Picture books and fancy socks
With smiling faces shining bright
Hugging Mum and Dad so tight

Christmas is but once a year
With friends and family to share
Watching children have such fun
The holidays have just begun






Copyright: Jennifer Bates 2016

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