“Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! The fact you can teach your kids about safety in an entertaining way is brilliant. Love these books!”

James Billingham, Perth, Western Australia 


“I just wanted to take the time to say thank you very much for the books you gave my son’s today at Doubleview Primary School. I feel very fortunate to have received these books. We have read them all three times each today and read them before they went to sleep tonight. My 4 year old especially loved them and was very interested in the story line and then discussing it after.

Thank you very much, it was very thoughtful of you and made our day! I will be sure to let my friends know about the books.”

Belinda Brohman, Perth, Western Australia 


“The imaginary West Australian town of Cotsville is a fun place filled with adorable characters, and the set of picture books are simply brilliant.  Children and their parents will see how  everyday life is filled with fun and adventure.  The stories and  characters will keep kids entertained while at the same time educating them about safety and sense of care in the community.”

David Streeter, Western Australia 


“Lovely drawings inside, lovely little stories teaching young children some of the basic safety rules! The perfect colorful “Bible” for young parents. Super Baby knows a lot of tricks for children to be safe. Highly recommended!”

Sonia Dumitrescu, Cluj Napoca, Romania 


“We love the books, we were given the books to read and my son (2 1/2 year old) just loves the stories and the safety messages are great!”

Carmen Slater, Perth, Western Australia 


“I love to read the Super Baby and Ted to my children, and they are by far my children’s favorite books at the moment! For the first time since having    children and reading to them, I felt accountable and reflective of my actions as a parent – since when has a children’s book been THAT good that it not only entertains, excites and educates the children, it makes the parents reading the books reflect on their parenting and WANT to be a better parent – great series – should be made into a TV series!”

Charlotte Caruso, Perth, Western Australia 


“A great series of books Jennifer, love the topics, the easy read and something special to share with my grandchildren.”

Sherryn McBride, Perth, Western Australia 


“My 6 year old son & I have had so much enjoyment in following the adventures of Super Baby & Ted, with the added benefits of learning important safety lessons. We’re looking forward to the future instalments of Super Baby & Ted.”

Naomi Morris, Perth, Western Australia 


“My class of three year olds instantly connected with the endearing characters of Super Baby and Ted. The children were keen to hear a new story each day and took great delight in joining in with some of the dialogue.”

Gabbi Lovelady, Teacher – Perth, Western Australia 


“Indeed these books are excellent to teach safety in pre school children. My boy, who is 4, just loves them. Highly recommended!!!”

Daniela Bazar, New Zealand 


“I thought this series of books was an excellent gift for a friend’s pre school child. It will teach them about safety in many areas & also how to care for their pets. It was written in such a way that parents can relay the warnings given to small children if they are reading to them.”

Pauline Thomson, Auckland – New Zealand