Super Baby and Ted

Pram Jet with smoke (Large)

Super Baby and his co-pilot Ted are the little Superheroes of Cotsville.  Together they keep an eye on the babies and young children to make sure they stay safe and out of danger.  Super Baby and Ted make the perfect team and the people of Cotsville are very proud them.


Super Baby

Super Baby is the hero, the star, the sheriff of Cotsville. Loved by everyone in the town, he helps keep an eye on all the children to make sure they stay safe.

This pint sized baby boy, in his blue jumpsuit and with curly blonde hair, is able to fly through the sky like a rocket!  With the help of the RATTLE TV, he can tune in to see what is happening in Cotsville.  When he needs extra strength, he drinks his MIGHTY MILK from his bottle which he carries in his holster. In the trusty and fast Pram Jet, he is able to get to an emergency within minutes.




Super Baby 10


This cute little bear with his blue bow-tie is not only the co-pilot of the Pram Jet but also the mechanic and all round ‘handy bear’ and Super Baby would be lost without him. Ted makes sure the Pram Jet is ready-to-go at a moments notice.  The Pram Jet is Ted’s pride and joy and he is always washing and polishing it so it’s nice and clean.




Ted is such a special little bear and he even has his own honey song and it goes like this ……