Grandma Dot and Bonnie

Grandma Dot & Bonnie 1

Grandma Dot

Take a wander down Greenwood Park Road in the town of Cotsville and you will come across a lovely wooden cottage with a white picket fence and beautiful rose garden. This is the home of Grandma Dot and her cute little dog Bonnie.

Dorothy is Grandma Dot’s real name but her lady friends affectionately call her Dossy.  She likes to spend time at the community centre in the town where she belongs to the local singing group.  Grandma Dot loves to bake cakes and cookies and whenever family and friends come to visit they always leave with a basket full of goodies.

Grandma Dot is loved by all the folks in Cotsville because of her happy and fun loving nature and all the kids in the town adore her.

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Bonnie is Grandma Dot’s constant companion and is a little white fluffy dog with boundless energy.  Bonnie has two favourite things she likes to do.  One is to go to the Cotsville Park with Grandma Dot where she can run and play with all her doggy friends.  The other is to sit on the floor just under the kitchen bench while Grandma Dot is preparing something to cook.  Maybe, if she is lucky, some food might drop on the floor that she can quickly gobble up.

Bonnie is cute and cuddly although she can be mischievous and naughty at times but the folks in Cotsville always love seeing her when she comes to town with Grandma Dot.

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